I feel like I am about as Minnesotan as they come. My goodbyes are long and frankly way to drawn out. I do not like opening new food (like a bag of chips) from someone else's cabinets, I never take the last slice of anything (unless it is just me and my family, then I am totally claiming dibs) and I say uffda, frequently.

I understand the law and the rules of the land, at least I think I do, and it brings me to a very creative post from Only In Your State "The 13 Unwritten Rules Minnesotans Live By"

I have highlighted my personal favorites below, as some of these are just so obvious I figured even if you are not from Minnesota, you understand the principle.

Ice over windshield

1. Always Have An Ice Scraper In Your Car

Okay, this one is a little obvious, but it is also VERY true. It does not matter what season Minnesota is in, there is a good chance that even in the summer you might catch a little frost on your windshield (if you park outside) and in the winter you will more certainly need it! Defrost never works fast enough!

2. It Is NOT Duck, Duck, Goose! It IS Duck, Duck, Gray Duck

I do not even play Duck, Duck, Goose. How do you expect to fool your opponents if you can't fake them out by calling "Yellow Duck" "Purple Duck" "Blue Duck" or my personal favorite color "Mac&Cheese Duck" (It is a color, look it up). It is Duck, Duck, Gray Duck, the rest of world needs to catch up.

3. Get Used To Road Construction


Road construction season is wrapping up for this year! (We hope, anyway) It is the worst when you are driving up north for a little family vacation, but you have to account for the extra two hours of traffic with road construction. It starts with anger, but eventually you get used to it!



4. Halloween Costumes Account for the Weather

When Halloween comes around, everyone is thinking about the candy, and how awesome their costume is. As a kid, you have to remember that there is a good chance that you will need a couple different layers in your costume to battle with the cold. It is the worst.

5. We Can Make Fun Of Ourselves

As Minnesotans, we never take ourselves too seriously. When someone is trying to enact their own Scandinavian accent, we can truly blow them out of the water with the amount of "Uffdas" "You betchas" "Ohhhh dontcha knows" We are great at it, we use it sarcastically, and we use it in real conversation.


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