If you want to get into a Vikings game for the 2018 season, you better have a smartphone or some type of mobile device. It is a shame because of what the paper ticket means.

The Vikings will only be taking tickets in an electronic form in 2018, according to the Star Tribune. 

Here are five reasons the Vikings shouldn't have gotten rid of the original paper tickets.

1. The sentimental value of a ticket

I remember the first Vikings game I went too, the first Twins game at Target Field, and ticket stubs from several ballparks across the country. It is sad to see that kids will no longer be able to hold on to their first ticket. A screenshot is just not the same.

2. What if you don't have a smartphone? 

Not everyone has a smartphone, and not everyone wants to get one. Why would you eliminate people from the buying pool? If they want tickets, they shouldn't have to have a mobile device that holds the ticket for you. Not a good idea.

3. The artwork was always amazing

Each ticket had a sweet design or photo of a kid enjoy a game for the first time. There really isn't an experience like it!

4. Processing Fees

Are you charging us for "Processing" of our new mobile tickets? It sounds to me they want to cut the cost of printing and add-on fees for "processing" does anyone know what that actually is?!?

5. It gets cold and phones die

If you have ever noticed, some cell phones don't like to work when it is -50 degrees outside, and Minnesota can get pretty cold in November and December. How am I supposed to get into the game if my phone is dead?

I love the electronic tickets, personally, they are slick and work quick. Yet, I totally understand why someone would want a paper ticket. There is so much that goes into it, and it is a shame that some kids will never get to experience that.

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