County fairs are a paradox. We want the usual foods, rides and attractions. Yet we also get excited for the new things that arrive each year. As county fairs resume in 2021, anticipation might be at a fever's pitch for the annual get together. The Steele County Free Fair is August 17-22 in Owatonna, where organizers are "Bringing Back the Fun in 2021." Look for dinosaurs, a hit-maker from Nashville and a nine-foot tall 'robot/transformer.'

Fair secretary Scott Kozelka is a weekly guest on AM 1390 KRFO / 94.7 FM with "Fair Talk" Thursday mornings at 9:40 am. We have discussed some of the new attractions that will be featured in 2021. Welcoming country music hit-maker Craig Morgan is a bit of a new endeavor.

Tickets are available through the Steele County Fair's website Advance tickets for any of the grandstand shows is a good plan. Kozelka points out that's one less line to stand in at show time. Maybe time for another deep-fried delicacy.

The new attraction that might draw the biggest sheer volume of interest could be Jurassic Kingdom. The show features life-like dinosaurs that audiences will get to interact with and touch.

The stars of the show are Terry-the talking pterodactyl, Jack-a two-month old brontosaurus, Sarah-a new-born triceratops, Lucy-a five-year-old velociraptor and Sparky-a two-year-old T-Rex. Check out the video on the Steele County Fair's website.

Be prepared to feel small next to Max Power & Nitro, a 9-foot tall robot/transformer-type of attraction that will roam the grounds. Max Power is extensively covered with LED lighting, so you should be able to find him easily enough at night.

The Steele County American Dairy Association presents the Mobile Dairy Classroom from the Southwest Dairy Farmers. The 32-foot trailer features a classroom with a fully functional milking dairy parlor.

Kozelka recently reported that train rides will be offered on a mini-train.

Keep up on the latest news on the fair through their Facebook Page and their homepage.

Things You've Go-To-Do at the Steele Co. Fair

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