4-year-old Lamyah Lou Yvette Reece was at a birthday party at a Twin Cities hotel pool where she drowned and, a few days later, on January 27th, passed away at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis.

WCCO reports that Lamyah had gone down a slide at the pool and other swimmers were there to catch her. She later went down by herself, no one was there to help and no one noticed she was missing for 5 minutes. Lamyah's cousin, who is 10, tried to give her CPR. Lamyah was on life support for a few days before she passed away.

She has now saved lives thanks to organ donation. FOX 9 spoke with Lamyah's mom, Samiya Hammonds who said, "'It was a one-year-old boy who got her heart and a nine-month-old baby that got her liver.'"

A GoFundMe is set up to help the family pay for funeral expenses.

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