Farmers can relate to what happened to the 4-H staff when they went to open the 4-H Building on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds this summer! They found that some of the kitchen equipment needed to prepare over 30,000 meals for hungry 4-H members at the Minnesota State Fair would not start up! I am sure all farmers have put a piece of equipment in the shed for the off season in perfect condition that worked fine. Months later it does not work when they get it back out of the shed and it is more than just a flat tire!

In the case of the Minnesota 4-H the needed equipment has already been repaired many times and now is beyond repair. We farmers have faced that issue too when a piece of equipment just cannot be repaired again? So, the Minnesota 4-H needs commercial ovens, steam table and dishwasher SOON! This just shows how much support the 4-H has in Minnesota! There is one family that has stepped up and said they will match ever donation up to a maximum of $25,000 to replace the needed equipment in the 4-H Building!

The "official" name of the this big building on the State Fairgrounds is the 4-H State Fair Building but thousands of youth that have stayed there call it the 4-H Hilton. The long range plan hopefully within the next 10 years is major "once-in-a-generation remodel" of the 4-H Hilton. Any extra funds raised above the needed equipment will be put in a fund for that project.

If you would like to make a donation here is the link: here

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