The 2020 Minnesota Cattle Industry Convention is coming up December 3rd and 4th, 2020 and of course will be a virtual event. This has been a big event for Minnesota farmers, ranchers and many others involved in the Minnesota Beef Industry. The event is hosted by the Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association. The Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association will hold their annual meeting, along with updates on state and national policy updates.

The Cattlemen's Educational Series have speakers lined up on cow-calf profitability along with cattle marketing options and strategies. There will also be industry awards, highlights and the keynote address will "highlight the important insights and discoveries in marketing beef to consumers." Go to the website: www.mnsca.org/events/convention for the full schedule, speakers, and registration.

The voluntary membership based Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association is an organization that represents cattle farmers, ranchers and all those individuals and business that are part of the cattle industry in Minnesota. Remember, dairy farmers are part of Minnesota's cattle industry too. In addition to producing milk the dairymen also produce a lot of beef too.





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