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St. Paul, MN (KROC-AM News) - The Minnesota House last night approved a bill requiring utilities doing business in the state to utilize 100% carbon-free energy sources for generating electricity by 2040.

The vote was 70-60 to send the legislation to the State Senate. According to the Minnesota House of Representatives Session Daily updates, the measure includes provisions that would provide some "off-ramps" if it is determined the "clean energy" technologies would be too expensive or unreliable.


Republican State Representatives opposed the bill, arguing it would force Minnesotans to accept expensive and unreliable energy sources, characterizing it as a "blackout bill." The Republicans also sought to amend the measure with language that would cancel Minnesota's moratorium on new nuclear power plants, but it and other Republican-offered amendments were defeated.

21 other states have adopted a mandate or goal of 100% renewable or "clean energy" electrical generation. Minnesota's current "clean energy" standard called for 25% of the state's energy needs to be met using renewable sources.

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