Summer is going so fast! Too fast! You may remember that earlier this summer I created a list of some of the things I wanted to see and do this summer. Well, I haven't hit my goal. I've checked a few off the list and I will be scrambling and hoping for good weather to complete a few more!

As great as it is to have certain big things on the list, and I really do want to complete them, it's also nice to enjoy the little moments. The times that require little planning. It can be something spontaneous, or just a daily activity, but I need to make a better effort to appreciate those moments as well.

Included on the list of small thing I need to enjoy in the moment is time with family and friends, playing in the back yard with my pups, an evening stroll, and just being able to leave work at night, and not only is it still daylight, but I don't have to wear winter boots and a coat!  These are great moments, and sometimes I am so busy hurrying from one thing to the next, going through my daily routine, or focusing on all the things on the to do list that I hadn't gotten to do, I forget to do what I can and to make the most of that moment.

So tonight, I am going to sit in the backyard and spend some time with my two favorite dogs!

Photo: K Krage