Faribault Parks and Recreation Director Paul Penansky tells KDHL Teepeetonka Park has been closed due to flooding.  City Emergency Management Director Dusty Dienst told City Council members meeting as a Committee of the Whole Tuesday night a check of the Straight River coming into Faribault found between midnight and 2am Tuesday the river level went up 4 inches, from 2-6am it went up a foot and from 6-10am up another foot.  Dienst said he was happy to see the level only go up4 tenths of an inch between 10am and 3pm and much less between 3-6pm.  Dienst informed the council an inventory of sandbags had the city with about 18 thousand, which may sound like a lot, but once operations begin it really isn't.  The Council said the city might want to shore up that supply just in case it's needed in the future.  Dienst also reminded the council those sandbagging efforts would begin once the river were to reach 12 feet.  It has not been at that level since the flood of 2010.