What's going on?

Lame Duck Congress and Farm Bill
It the current Congress does not pass the new Farm Bill in conference committee the new Congress will have to start all over.
Christmas Season?
This big Christmas Tree in downtown Kansas City is being decorated every year when I am at the Farm Broadcasters Convention.
Reliance Bank Pink Pumpkins
Every year around Halloween the Reliance Bank in Faribault sells Pink Pumpkins and donates all the proceeds to the Cancer Center in Faribault.
One Tweet and a Big Rally In Beans!
President Trump tweeted Thursday that he had a nice talk with the President of China about trade and beans rallied 30 cents a bushel!
The End of Harvest 2018
This picture was taken from my combine cab Friday night harvesting the last few rows of corn approaching the end of Harvest 2018.
Weekly Weather and Crop Update
Warm and dry can be used to describe the last Weekly Weather and Crop Update from the Southern Research and Outreach Center at Waseca.
What is Fair Land Rent?
The University of Minnesota Extension service has scheduled a number of meetings in our area to try and answer the questions about fair land rent.
AM Minnesota Today Industrial Hemp
The topic on today's AM Minnesota program will be industrial hemp and my guest will be Minnesota Assistant Commissioner of Agriculture Whitney Place.