I did not notice this art at the Sacramento airport when we got in on Wednesday. Guess I was a little tired. But I did notice it Thursday when we went back to pick up Stephen. Looks like a good use of old suitcases to draw attention to the baggage claim area. But, my favorite part of the Sacramento airport was the relaxed atmosphere both in the airport and leaving. There was a four way stop sign as you left the airport and there was a big Case IH combine at the stop sign! I waved to him to go first and told Laura to get her cell phone and take a picture. I guess the farmers out here are very polite because he kept waving to me to go first. There were cars behind us so I could not pull over and take a picture. I have never seen a major airport with a combine at the exit. As we drove from Sacramento to Oregon you could tell it is dry. The fields that are irrigated are green, the trees are green and everything else is brown. In the picture is Lake Siskiyou. Note the low water level compared to normal.