The Rice County Fair Board came up with a new idea this year. They thought it would be fun to have a lawn mower race between myself and Rice County Sherriff Troy Dunn. It was a warm up to the real lawn mower races in the Grandstand. Being that we are neighbors, the loser had to mow the winners lawn for a month! While the mowers look identical in the picture they were not. One of them had rear tires about two inches taller than the other. So, I one the first race and when we trader mowers Troy won the second race. I lobbied the track official that Troy should have been black flagged and disqualified when he had the fast mower. When the official dropped the green flag Troy took off so fast he popped a wheelie. In fact, he must have traveled six or eight feet before his front wheels came back to the ground! Isn't that careless and exhibition driving???