The Minnesota Vikings have 8 picks in this week's NFL draft which begins on Thursday.  There's been speculation galore on who their first pick will be when they choose 8th in the first round (barring a trade to go higher).  I am obviously no draft expert, but if Johnny Manziel is available at number eight I know I'd take him.  Vikings new Head Coach Mike Zimmer indicated he didn't want the sideshow Manziel would bring to the team.  I want a quarterback with some swagger and bravado on my team and after watching him in the Chick-fil-a Bowl I was sold even more.  Did you see that play where he jumped into the line and backed up and threw a dart down the sideline.  He looked like he was in a video game.  The man has rushed for over 14 hundred yards and thrown for another 7,820 in two seasons at Texas A&M.  63 TD's thrown and 22 interceptions and rushed for 17 more TD's.  So he's short, big deal.  Russell Wilson, Drew Brees have won Super Bowls and they are short and of course Vikings fans will always remember Fran Tarkenton scrambling around tiring out defensive linemen.  Manziel's creativity has me sold.  Executing when everything clicks is one thing, taking a broken down play and turning it into a big play is another.  There are quarterbacks in this draft with more TD's thrown and stronger arms...some are mobile, but none has the creativity of Manziel.  Can you imagine an offense with Adrian Peterson, the emerging playmaker Cordarrele Patterson and Manziel.  If Norv Turner doesn't want those weapons at his disposal as Offensive Coordinator of the Vikings, you can officially give me the job (and I'll do it for half the pay).  Don't waste Adrian Peterson's work ethic, reward him with a Quarterback that can get him to a Super Bowl and win.  Get him Johnny Manziel!  What do you think ?  If Manziel is available at number eight do you draft him ?

Vikings pick 8th in first round.