Late last week the Minnesota Pork Board donated 6,000 pounds of ground pork to Second Harvest Heartland. Second Harvest Heartland is the Upper Midwest's largest hunger relief organization. "It's all about feeding our hungry neighbors," said David Laskey, director of food bank operations. "Our mission statement is ending hunger through community partnerships. We can't do it alone, the donation is very much appreciated."

The pork donation came from the Minnesota Pork Board's Oink Outing events at farmer's markets and other community events around the Twin Cities during the summer. At the Oink Outings a pound of ground pork was donated for every question a consumer asked a Minnesota pig farmer about pigs or pork.

Dave Frederickson Minnesota Commissioner of Agriculture said "I think it's all about partnerships. Outreach by commodity organizations like Minnesota Pork is really a fine example of coming together."

In the picture left to right: David Laske Second Harvest Heartland, Taylor Homan Oink Outing Volunteer, Rueben Bode Minnesota Pork Board president, Jay More Minnesota Pork Producers Association president and Dave Frederickson Minnesota Commissioner of Agriculture.