The chairperson of the Mill Towns Trail Board went before the Faribault City Council on Tuesday night requesting the replacement of Councilor Elizabeth Cap on their board.

Rice County Commissioner and former Faribault City Councilor Dave Miller made the request, saying Cap had not attended the past three or four meetings.

In response Cap said, "I feel really blindsided by this because I had no idea you were going to be here for this and nobody has reached out to me. I wish somebody would have reached out to me and asked why I wasn't able to attend."

She added she wanted to, "maintain my position on the board."

Miller replied, "We need people who are going to be there at the meetings."

He went on to say, "You never responded to any emails saying you couldn't attend the meetings. Never."

Cap replied, "I hope we can discuss this later but I appreciate you bringing it to my attention."

Miller added, "It shouldn't have to come to this, but I felt it was needed. We need somebody to come to these meetings please."

Cap asked if someone could phone and Miller said, "You never responded to any of the emails saying you couldn't be at the meetings for whatever reason. Never. I mean this is showing you have no interest in the group. If you don't show up what should I assume?"

"Nothing." Cap responded, but told the council the matter will be attended to at a later time.

Mill Towns Trail Board Chair Dave Miller Addresses Faribault City Council. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld