Tuesday afternoon I was out to the farm combining corn. I was trying to get as much done as possible before driving to Kansas City for the Farm Broadcasters Convention Wednesday morning. This was my last field of corn next to the building site at the farm. I always harvest the fields farthest from the farm site first. It the weather gets wet or cold it is always nice to have the fields farthest from the farm already harvested.

One end of this field is along the driveway. I just leave the wagon or truck on the driveway and fill it there. I parked the combine and walked toward the tractor and noticed this deer standing at the corner of the field. I suspect it had been in the corn and I "chased" it out of the field with the combine. It just stood there and looked at me. I began walking toward the deer wondering how close I could get before it would run off. I got within about 50 feet before it ran back into the corn field.

Was it smart enough to realize I was not a threat because I wasn't carrying a gun? Maybe it had seen me often enough to know I was not a threat? I am sure there are many deer hunters that have not gotten a deer and wish they could get one to stand and look at them form 50 feet away!