Hey there everyone, as you may or may not know I decided to take a break from the snow and cold in Minnesota and head to sunny Las Vegas with the for a great vacation. I will try (with Danny's Help) to update this page on a daily basis on the fun times here in Nevada.

Day 1: Sunday, Dec. 15  -- Arrive in Las Vegas

This is the venue the ladies saw "The Nutcraker" in
  • Today we arrived in Las Vegas around 4pm local time. We had to kind of rush to get to the hotel so that the ladies could get ready to see "The Nutcracker:The Magic Continues", a reimagined telling of the classic story at the Smith Center.

Day 2 : Monday, Dec. 16 -- Checked out the area around the hotel

  • Today we decided to relax a bit and see what the city and our hotel had to offer

Day 3:  Tuesday, Dec. 17th -- Trip to the Grand Canyon

The beauty of the Nevada Desert
  • Today we headed to the Grand Canyon, I will admit the land and mountains are pretty out here, but you cannot produce much food! Even though it's cold in Minnesota, and the soil is frozen we can produce a lot of food. They would be awfully hungry out here without the food produced in California and the Midwest!!!
  • As we were driving across the dessert we kept seeing these signs about cattle. We drove two and a half hours to the Grand Canyon and did not see any cattle!
It felt so different than Midwest soil
  • Maybe the reason I could not find any cattle was that there was not much forage for them to eat. Had to stop and "feel" what the soil was like in the desert! Not quite like our productive soils in Southern Minnesota. We can grow over 200 bushel an acre corn and here in the desert this little bush and very small trees is about it along with lots of ROCKS!
Strange to see this sign in the desert
  • Another sign about cattle in the desert but I could not find any.
At the rim of the Grand Canyon
  • We finally arrived at the Grand Canyon after a 2 and 1/2 hour drive and yes, that is the edge of the Grand Canyon a couple of feet behind the rock Louise and I are setting on. No railings, and a drop of 4000 feet! Was hoping Louise would not push me off like the newlyweds in the news recently.
Looking Down into the Grand Canyon
  • It is hard to get your mind around water being able to produce the Grand Canyon!
A Desert Cow
  • Finally as we were driving home as the sun was setting we did see some cattle eating some brush. Not quite like Minnesota cattle that are used to alfalfa, corn silage, corn and soybean meal.
  • More cattle that were watching me take their picture. Notice their perked up ears.