Being a DJ on the morning show may seem like a dream job, but nothing compares to being the Candyman!

Don't get me wrong, I love my job on the "Mighty Morning Show". We have some of the best listeners in the world here in Southern Minnesota, and I enjoy bringing you the news and I especially enjoy teasing "Old Man" Jerry, but our job is just airwaves and lacks something physical, something delicious, something full of calories....something like chocolate and caramel.

Enter the Candyman....Kerry McCarthy. He and his wife Marie own Sweet Spot Candy in Downtown Faribault. Marie is the head of the operation (Don't tell Kerry that though) and Kerry is the Mastermind behind some of the most delectable sweets in Minnesota.

Each Thursday morning the McCarthy's make the short drive over to KDHL to have fun with us on the show. And usually every time there is something very tasty that comes with them. Today it was caramel and white chocolate covered brownie bites in the picture. Talk about yummmm!

The Sweet Spot is always making up something new to delight every tastebud. From candy to cookies to fudge, you can never leave that store without having a smile on your face and the knowledge that your sweet tooth is satisfied. So what makes it so good, talent I expect is the correct answer. However, I believe that it is more than that, I think it is one part caring and two parts love make the goodies at Sweet Spot more than just ingredients whipped together.

So there you have it, I envy the Candyman because he can truly make the world go round and brighten a gloomy day.

--Danny Venrick--

The Sweet Spot can be found at 209 Central Ave. in Downtown Faribnault and online at