So you decide to head out and buy a new vehicle. What might it be. This would be a thrill for me since I have never had a brand new car. But if I could I think I have got it narrowed down to about three choices.  A Jeep Cherokee, Ford F-150 or if I was stuck with a car, a Chevy Impala.  Now why did I make these choices.  I used to have a Jeep Cherokee. And now that they are back, I think the new ones are pretty cool. Plenty of room, dependable 4 wheel drive and towing power for what I need and not bad to look at. I chose the F-150 truck because they are comfortable, dependable and roomy. I love the one the station currently uses. If I could afford it and didn't drive 100+ miles  a day I'd buy it. For a car I chose the Impala. I like the styling and the room and that was my father's favorite Chevy, even though they were much different back then.  It's nice to dream and it does not cost anything to do so. So dream away and share what you might get.