One of the ways I like to spend my weekends is by strolling area farmer's markets, selecting fresh fruits and veggies, admiring the arts and crafts, and grabbing a handful of fresh flowers.

This summer, I have not been able to get the the farmer's markets nearly as much as I would like (read: at all), so I was delighted when I got home yesterday to find that someone had been thinking of me and got me some banana bread (Yum!) and two beautiful gladiolus! One white, and one red. They are currently displayed in a vase together in front of the window. I like glads for several reasons: they come in so many colors, the colors are so vibrant, the are long and full- so even a single stem makes a gorgeous statement, and they remind me of summer because you typically only see them in August. For some reason, the sight of glads always makes me happy, and I have a hard time resisting the urge to get at least one or two each time I attend a farmer's market.

What are your favorite farmer's market items?

Photo: K Krage