The Faribault City Council held an emergency meeting at City Hall this morning and passed a resolution declaring a State of Emergency.  Mayor John Jasinski gaveled the meeting to order with all council members present.  City officials noted no damage has been reported at this time to public or private property.  However it was recommended by City Public Works and Emergency Management that preventive measures be taken to protect the City's infrastructure as it relates to it's waste water treatment facilities because cresting levels are unknown.  At 11am the Straight River coming into Faribault had reached 11.61 feet and 12 feet was determined by City officials to be the point when sandbagging efforts kick in.  City crews are placing sandbags around the viaduct lift station and are filling additional sandbags to construct a wall to protect the wastewater treatment facility.  City Emergency Management Director Dusty Dienst and Police Chief Andy Bohlen are urging the public to stay away from high water areas and use caution around the river.  To assist in protecting private property the City is providing sand and bags for the general public to fill and use.  The staging area for public sandbagging is located at the old public works site at 601 North Ave. NE, just north of the American Legion.  Mayor Jasinski stated NO volunteers are needed to assist in sandbagging efforts at this time.  More rain is in the forecast and the City Council noted they have a little time to prepare for potential flooding, which they didn't have in 2010 when the river crested at 14.9 feet.