Motorists this morning in Faribault got a bit of a surprise that they are not used to on one of the coldest days in a decade, a flooded street. Close to record low temperatures not only made the air bitter cold but also damaged a water main on the corner of 7th Street Northwest and 7th Avenue in Faribault. The break sent thousand of gallons of water cascading down 7th Street NW which began to pool up at the railroad crossing, creating a traffic hazard for folks heading out this morning.  Faribault Public Works Director, Travis Block, told KDHL that they were bringing in all hands to get the problem fixed as soon as possible. "We have a crew working to remove the water, another crew working to determine where the break actually is and we are bringing in a contractor to dig and repair." Block said. The crews will work to return running water to the areas affected by the break as soon as possible.