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It’s National Margarita Day
Christmas and New Year's are long gone, Easter and Memorial Day are still far off in the distance, and Valentine's Day isn't everyone's cup of tea, but there is a holiday between the winter and summer seasons that I think the 21-plus portion of the population can happily get behi…
Girl Scout Cookie Poll Results
I asked you to weigh in and take a poll letting me know what your favorite variety of Girl Scout Cookie is. Well, the results are in! Read more to see where your favorite ranks among the participants!
Pet of the Week: Bobby
Each week I’ll share a picture and a little bit about a pet that is available for adoption and waiting to find a good home. If you’re thinking of adding a pet to your home, pet adoption can be a very rewarding way to do so. Check out this week’s Pet of…
Music Monday: February 20, 2017: Troy Cartwright
It's Music Monday! Each week, I share something I am currently listening to and think that you might also enjoy. It could be a tried and true favorite that you haven't heard in forever, it could be a new release by an artist or band you already know, or it could be something I have just di…
Get Summer-Ready at Home, Vacation, and RV Show
We've had a taste of warmer weather this week, and although it's not 70 with sun, it's a nice and unexpected break from the usual cold Minnesota winter. With all this sunshine, I'm getting excited about summer fun and the Townsquare Media Home, Vacation, and RV Show in Rochester …
Prom Dresses Available This Weekend
For young women and men in high school, prom is a special event. It is something that they look forward to all year, make plans and once the evening itself has passed, they will have the memories for years to come. But prom is expensive, and for some families, the cost can be a huge obstacle to atte…
A 60-Degree February in Southern Minnesota
The forecast is heating up and it feels like spring could be here any minute! Knowing how fickle Minnesota weather can be, I reached out to Weather Eye meteorologist Laura Lockwood to get her take on this warm weather we've been experiencing and if it will continue. Laura is always helpful in b…
Most Common Last Names in Rice County
Have you ever wondered just how common your last name is? And where it ranks nationally? Check out how Rice County compares to the rest of the nation and just how common your last name is!
WE Fest Ticket Giveaway Winners Announced
Last week KDHL listeners discovered the full lineup performing for the 2017 WE Fest, and to sweeten the deal, we announced that KDHL would be giving away tickets so a couple lucky listeners could take their sweethearts to the country music festival! The winners have been drawn!

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