My Sweet Greens MN is a small local business that was opened by Jayne and Dean Bredlau in 2016. They're based out of Zumbrota and distribute greens they grow in their greenhouse to Rochester, Northfield, Winona, and Faribault areas. They've picked up a bit of traction this past year. They sold their greens at farmer's markets, food co-ops, and selling directly to restaurants. Unfortunately, they have a problem right now.

A big Los Angeles based restaurant chain, Sweetgreen, is now suing My Sweet Greens because the name is too similar. The closest Sweetgreen restaurant can be found in Chicago. Sweetgreen sells salads made out of fresh produce.

Sweetgreen's attorney Colette Ghazarian wrote to My Sweet Green, saying “'Sweetgreen is concerned consumers will erroneously conclude that your business and its offerings are associated with, or sponsored or endorsed by, Sweetgreen.'”

Sweetgreen has the money to fight this lawsuit for a while where My Sweet Greens doesn't. Not only is it expensive to fight a lawsuit, but it would also be expensive and take up a lot of time for My Sweet Greens to rebrand. That would involve changing their name on labels, their website, t-shirts, etc.



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