A short virtual workout should take care of any calories from the virtual cakes purchased during Saturday's Young Life Cake Auction. Meanwhile, the generosity of supporters led to an "unbelievable" fundraiser said Owatonna's Director Lindsay Thompson, "It just blows our mind and just crazy under the circumstances." The 42nd annual event brought in $73,190 from online bidders. Thompson added that with their business sponsors, the auction's goal was realized.

"Our business sponsors come in this and come into play and so that puts us at $80,690, which is just unbelievable. We have been cheering here, and praying, and thanking all of you for everything."

Thompson announced a special initiative at the conclusion of bidding to help send Young Life students to camp this year. Go to their website for more information. The effort will continue through Friday, April 24. Thompson said 115 kids are signed up for camp. During numerous on-air interviews with Young Life students Saturday, the impact camp had with them came up repeatedly.

Emma, a senior and the president at OHS, said she is looking forward to going to Wilderness Camp this year.

Andres, a middle school student, has enjoyed camp and spoke about the Monday club activities.

Owatonna freshman Izzy said there was a strong connection for her right away with the adult leaders.

A sophomore at the high school, Moriah began attending in middle school with her friends. She says her faith has grown through her Young Life experiences.

Candace, an OHS junior, baked a cake last year. Her family contributed an auction basket to this year's event.

Several of the students said they were very impressed with the cakes when they first attended the auction. The event normally fills the Owatonna High School gym with about 100 cakes, many with intricate, wild designs. The current healthcare situation forced Young Life to modify the auction, eliminating cakes. However, local businesses, individuals, and supporters donated the same great variety of add-on specials to entice bidders.

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KRFO's long history of broadcasting the auction continued with a modified format. Loren Hart and I hunkered down in the Kat Kountry 105 studios, maintaining our proper social distance. We carried portions of Thompson's presentation through OwatonnaLive.com, in addition to interviews with her, Young Life students, and former Owatonna director Chuck Jamison. He was prepared to be a cake presenter at the auction again this year. Jamison is still involved with students in Owatonna through a Thursday program on the Young Life Instagram account.

It was a pleasure to chat with Angie Klein on-air. She was involved with IT to make the switch to an online auction. She said in recent years the auction had started to implement some online presence, which made for a smooth transition.

I missed the excitement and energy of being in the gym and working with longtime auctioneer and radio professional John Connor, as well as cake presenter Jane Bangs among others. We will all be ready to devour a cake when the 2021 auction arrives.

Sponsors for the on-air coverage included McCabe Motors, Monson Eyecare Center, True Wealth Advisors Group Inc, Owatonna Heating and Cooling, Owatonna Floor Covering, Northland Farm Systems, Sweet Towing and Repair, Noble RV, and The Computer Store of Owatonna.

Scroll through the following pictures of cakes from the last several years of the auction.

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