Robbinsdale, MN ( KROC AM News) - An update on the medical condition of a Waseca police officer who was shot in the head shows the ups and downs his family and friends are dealing with.

Officer Arik Matson was shot Jan. 6 while responding to a call about a suspicious person. He remains in critical condition.

Here’s an update from his Caring Bridge page that was posted Saturday:

Journal entry by Nicole Matson

Last night was pretty cool. Arik was giving us a lot of thumbs up and when we asked for a peace sign, he threw up two fingers immediately. He held up 3, 4, and 5 fingers when asked and even fist bumped Jared! We even got it on video!

Physical Therapy helped sit him up on the edge of the bed this morning and he coughed really good. His white blood cell count is really high this morning which might indicate an infection somewhere so they've sent a urine culture to see if he’s got a urinary tract infection and are doing a bronchoscopy to take a closer look inside his lungs and send another culture. His chest xray did look much better this morning so the antibiotics for the pneumonia seem to be working.

He’s not as with it this morning as he was last night and isn’t following commands as consistently so we are hoping these tests give us some more insight. The head CT he was supposed to have on Monday was done today instead and showed a significant increase in the amount of cerebral spinal fluid that has collected on the right side. The Neuro team thinks that may be why his white blood cell count is elevated and that draining it would be best. Just as he was about to be wheeled down for surgery, his labs came back showing his blood was too thin for surgery and it was moved back to tomorrow. He’ll get a unit of Fresh Frozen Plasma to help his blood clot better in surgery and minimize the risk for bleeding. It’s not an emergent surgery and they feel comfortable waiting until tomorrow. Overall, not the best news but also not the worst. It’s not setting him back at all, just not helping him progress as fast as we’d like.

We expect Arik to need a lot of rest tomorrow so we will be limiting visitors back to see him. The family will still be here and would love to see you!

Please pray extra hard for Arik today that things go well and he can continue to get better.

Arik got a special package Thursday from Minnesota Vikings (the third one he's gotten so I think they know he's a super fan!) - it was an official MN Vikings helmet, signed by one of Arik's favorite players, Adam Thielen! He's going to be stoked to see that ;) Overall, it's been a good day and we're happy to see him a lot more comfortable!

The man who authorities say shot Matson was also shot and was still hospitalized at last report. He has been charged with tempted murder.

A GoFundMe site set up for the officer had raised more than $180,000 as of Sunday morning.

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