Here in the United States June is Dairy Month. I was not aware there was a World Milk Day which was Monday June 1, 2020. It was in 2001 that the United Nations Food Agriculture Organization (FAO) chose the first day in June as World Milk Day because many countries were already celebrating Milk Day during that time of the year.

The United Nation began celebrating Milk Day as a way to draw attention to milk and raise awareness of milk or dairy products role in healthy diets of people. FAO data shows that more than one billion people's livelihood is supported by the dairy sector so it is important to our economy too! Milk and dairy products are consumed by more than six billion people globally.

In 2016 the World Milk Day celebration was observed in 40 countries. In 2017 it had grown to 80 countries in the world. It is not surprising that countries recognize the importance of milk and dairy products and their role in a health diet of their citizens. I always say milk is Mother Natures most perfect food.

Mammals are vertebrates in which the young are nourished by milk. Think about that. A new born human baby receives all the nutrition is needs during the first critical months of life from just milk.

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