Rochester has traditionally welcomed those from other cultures and been open to those who practice different religions.

In fact, 65% of people in Rochester claim to practice a specific religion. Sure, we know it's mostly Christian - but that hasn't stopped all religions from finding their own hold here.

Therefore, it makes sense that the Women and Spirituality Conference is coming to Rochester. It proves that we're welcoming those who are open to various forms of finding spirituality. It also proves that we're celebrating our women.

L-R; Teaki Garcia, Creator of the Maker’s Space; Mary Laven, Planning Committee volunteer and owner of Wind Over Fire Healing Center and Terri Allred, Producer.
L-R; Teaki Garcia, Creator of the Maker’s Space; Terri Allred, Producer; Mary Laven, Planning Committee volunteer and owner of Wind Over Fire Healing Center.

My new friend Terri Allred approached me to discuss this amazing event. She explains,

I am the producer of the conference.  I have a team of amazing volunteers who are helping with putting together this huge event.  The conference has 85 workshop presenters and about 90 exhibitors along with the La Mese delle Donne art show and performance and the Maker’s Space with Teaki Garcia.  We have a huge variety of religious traditions and spiritual expressions represented. Maybe I should just be called the cat herder!"

This conference got its foothold in Mankato 35 years ago prior to moving to Rochester. Since then, it's promoted a tradition of providing a safe space for women to explore what spirituality means to them. Terri adds, "I believe that art and movement are integral parts of expressing and experiencing the Divine (in whatever form that takes for you) and have incorporated opportunities for both in the conference this year.  Additionally, I am passionate about social justice and helping people learn about how to put their faith (whatever faith that may be) into action."

Becca Stevens

The keynote speaker is Becca Stevens, founder of Thistle Farms, which is the US’s largest social entrepreneurship for victims of sexual trafficking, prostitution, and violence. Love tea and a good book? Becca can not only recommend some amazing products of both - but she can also guide you toward using them for self-empowerment. It's all for a good cause!

Their website explains, "It's two days of workshops, discussions, exhibits, dialogue, discovery, and celebration."

The Women and Spirituality Conference comes to Mayo Civic Center September 16 - 17th. You can register for the conference ahead of time by checking out their website. You can also follow regular updates on Facebook.

By the way, our Women's Fall Expo is coming to Mayo Civic Center on October 28th! Get more here.

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