What was going on in there?

The internet is trying to figure out what was going in an Amazon delivery van after a woman, who doesn't appear to work for Amazon, was seen exiting a van as it was parked.

A man appears to open the door for this woman and she walks away as nothing happened, and maybe nothing did.

However, the internet is in full investigation mode and many are trying to figure out what could have gone down in the van.

She isn't seen walking away from the delivery van with a package, but she does seem to be adjusting "things" as she walks away.


We can speculate for days as to what may have been happening in this van, but we may never really know.

Reports out do say that the driver of the Amazon van was terminated after this woman was seen exiting it.

Here's the video that has so many on the internet scratching their heads. We live in a very curious society these days, thus we feel like we NEED to know what was going on in this van.

And we may not be the only ones asking what happened in this van---Since this video has gone viral, I'm certain that Amazon wants to know what went down in here too.


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