This is something you don't see often.

A woman was escorted out of the Memphis Grizzlies and Minnesota Timberwolves NBA Playoff game after she chained herself to the basketball goal. This was the second on-court incident in the past week.

The woman chained herself to the goal in protest of the Timberwolves' majority owner Glen Taylor. Direct Action Everywhere, the group which the woman belongs, said they want Glen Taylor to step down and return factory farm bailout money. Essentially, she and the group are protesting the mistreatment of animals. The woman was wearing a shirt that said "Glen Taylor Roasts Animals Alive"

Commentators at the game said she had been there for a while, but security failed to notice. Security cut her down and she flung flyers with "Glen Taylor Roasts Animals Alive" all over the court, where players were picking them up. Fans were asked to stay in their seats while this was happening, in shock that this woman was able to go unnoticed and able to get chains through security.

The first protesting incident happened earlier in the week, where someone attempted to glue their hand to the hardwood in a Clippers-Timberwolves game. That person was escorted out the building before the glue was dry.

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