Many of us use social media to document our lives. We have fun pictures of us on new adventures, graduations, hanging out with family and just fun things we do throughout our days. As social media has become popular, and technology continues to change, laws have had to adapt. Many states have a law that you CAN NOT take a selfie with your ballot. There are many reasons for this, but according to WCCO Wisconsin voters are able to take selfies with their ballot and post them on social media.

The article says Wisconsin is one of the 18 states that allow you to post a picture with your ballot. Government agencies have many concerns when it comes to posting pictures on the internet. Some of those concerns are ballots are supposed to be anonymous. They also worry that if employers see how you vote, it could affect your job. The last big concern is that your personal information will be all over the internet. All of these are good concerns to have especially when it comes to your safety.

According to the article, this law isn't always enforced but it does not mean that if you live in Minnesota, you should not fallow it. There is a chance that you will still get yourself into some trouble. So be smart this voting season and think twice if you are a Minnesota voter before posting a selfie.

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