Playing pinball - sounds easy. Hear me out. I think it's AWESOME that he turned this into a good cause, but how he got to that world record, hmm. When you first hear the record, it sounds incredible. Then you hear about the type of breaks he was given and that's the part that surprised me. Let me start off by saying bravo, Ryan Clancy. While I goof, I do think this is beyond amazing.

So, he had to stand behind a pinball machine with his fingers on the flippers at all times except to eat or drink. However, for every hour of play, he was given a five-minute break. A break every hour? Doesn't that sound like a lot? Let's be real, I'd probably get bored after the first hour or two, so I'm just going to move past that lol.

Ryan crushed the previous 30 hours and 10 minutes record with a new record of 32 hours and 2 minutes. The long hours behind the machine were for more than a record. He said he wanted to make sure all kids have a chance to play pinball for as long as they want. He took on the record to raise money for the Wisconsin Children's Hospital, where his son was treated for kidney failure. And the best news of all, his son has made a full recovery and is doing well.

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