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Sometimes it takes three dates to realize, "Yeah, this isn't it." So, you call it quits, no harm, no foul. That's what dating is all about, you take a chance. Alex Corboth, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, knows that...but apparently the guy she went on three dates with does NOT know that and has asked for a refund.

A refund? Yep...he wants her to pay half of what he spent on all three dates because "it's only fair."

Hi Alex hope you're doing well. Would you mind letting me know what your Venmo is?

The reason I ask is since you and I won't be seeing each other anymore, it's only fair to ask for equal payment from you from the dates we went on. I believe it was 3 separate times we went out to bars/restaurants where I paid for us both each time. I'd say $35 is more than for fair your food and drinks that I got you during those dates. I view you as a fair girl, I hope you'll consider reimbursing me. Thanks!

In other Tweets, Alex said she will not be approving the reimbursement and that she offered to pay on all three dates. As the internet does, it responded. Some agreeing with not paying the guy...


Amen. She offered to pay, he declined that offer, and now expects to get a refund? Lauren is 100% correct.

There are many others saying they think he should get the money back.


The last time I did an on-air survey about who should pay for the date in a man/woman situation, the resounding answer was the man. Which I think is just a bunch of malarkey. I've always believed whoever does the asking out should expect to pay. However, if the other person would rather pay their way, 100% cool.

restaurant bill and credit-card
A±igo Quintanilla Gomez

What it comes down to is the guy expected to get something for his money and when he didn't, he wanted that money back. He must have thought he was entitled to a kiss, hand-holding, more of her time, sex, whatever. And that is just gross.

"Oh, c'mon James, you don't know what he expected..."

You're right. I don't. But it seems clear he expected something in exchange for the money he spent. If you're a guy reading that and you think I'm off base, you might just be gross, too.

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PS - One person actually pointed out something I've been wondering, too!...

Date tweet


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