Oscar-nominated star Winona Ryder was recently back in Winona, MN, the town she was born in, to film a Super Bowl ad. The ad was for Squarespace, which is a company that helps individuals make websites.

Bring Me the News reports that this week, Squarespace put out a teaser video "featuring some comments not only from Ryder but from some of the local residents confused as to why she was in town."

In the teaser video, Winona talked about her excitement to be a part of this ad and it being filmed in Winona, MN.

She said, "'I think Winona represents a lot of towns that have a lot going on, and a lot of creative energy and great places, and I'm excited to see Squarespace be interested in those small spaces. I think it's a really cool project.'"

Check out the teaser video:

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