The owner of the Winona Little Caesars saw a lot of food was going to waste in his store. It happens in the restaurant business, but Paul van Eijl wasn't comfortable with seeing 15 pizzas a day going into the garbage, so he did something about it.

This is what he posted on the pizza shop's Facebook page on January 11th....

I believe so many restaurants in America could do more to reduce food waste. We throw out perfectly good food every day that could go to feeding homeless people in our communities.

If you see or know a homeless person in Winona, please let them know they are welcome in my store and that if I have any additional pizzas on hand (made incorrectly, etc) they are welcome to take it at no charge.

Thank you!

So simple. "I have extra, if you need it, come get it." Reminds me of what Pasquale, owner of Rochester's Pasquale's Neighborhood Pizzeria,  says, "We break bread, we're no longer strangers, we're neighbors. We stand up for each other."

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