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BOOM!  Pop.  My house was making all sorts of horrible noises last night.  It was so loud that it even sounded like someone had shut the front door.  Thanks to social media, I realized that I wasn't just my house, and all of us in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa can all blame the polar vortex for these unusual and alarming noises.

Is your house making noises too?  If you haven't heard these at your house, you are lucky because it seriously sounds like either something is going to fall on you or you might even have an intruder.  You can put the panic aside because it is highly unlikely that either of those things are happening.  According to a story from WCCO, all of the building materials in our home are expanding and contracting with these extreme temperature changes and as a result, we are hearing noises that can be loud enough to wake us from a deep sleep at night.  You can see the whole interview below: 

I am a little bit on edge though still because last year, we had a huge pop by the front of our house when the temps were in a similar negative state like this one, and our front window cracked.  #TrueStory  So, if you hear a pop, especially by a window, I'd suggest checking on it just in case your window decided to call it quits.

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