Have you ever looked back on some decision you made in your past, and said to yourself something to the effect of "well, that was sure dumb"?  One place in life where we look back and loudly question people's decisions is in sports, and it was on this day 33 years ago that the Minnesota Vikings gave up the farm so to speak for one man. That man was Herschel Walker and it more than likely cost the Vikings some incredible players, and possibly a Super Bowl win or two.

Life is full of these moments where we are given the choice to make a decision and do it while not even thinking about it. We are out there taking chances every day. We just don't think about the risks of everyday life, when in fact they are everywhere.

Regretfully the decision made today by the front office for the Minnesota Vikings, 33 years ago, is thought about by many fans of the Purple. It was today that the Minnesota Vikings gave up 5 players and 3 draft picks (and conditional picks attached to each of those five players should they be cut by Dallas before February 1, 1990) in exchange for Herschel Walker.

Not long after the trade was made, it became clear that the Cowboys, coached by Jimmy Johnson, weren't interested in the players and only the draft picks, at the time NFL draft picks weren't seen by all NFL coaches and executives as valuable as they are today, and told the media that they had in fact committed "The Great Train Robbery".

Well those picks, which turned into not 3 but 8 due to Dallas cutting the traded Vikings players, turned into some high-quality players for Dallas. You might recognize some of the names: Emmitt Smith, Clayton Holmes, Darren Woodson, and three Super Bowl trophies.

The VIkings on the other hand lost in the divisional round to San Francisco in 1989 and missed the playoffs the next two years with the albatross known as Herschel Walker.

It's a moment that we as a fanbase can't forget, as the phrase from philosopher George Santayana goes “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

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