Daryl 'Dice' Budenski, a lifelong resident of Northfield has not been seen since late September, and he was officially marked as being a missing person as of October 1st, 2021. Since that time there have been ground searches, drones were flown over fields and the river, even large events have been held in downtown Northfield in an effort to keep Daryl's disappearance at the forefront of people's minds. The question that still remains unanswered is the biggest question of all in regard to this still-open investigation, where is Daryl 'Dice' Budenski?

Speaking with Northfield Police Chief Mark Elliot last week on the phone, he informed me that Daryl's disappearance was still an open investigation and that at this time there wasn't any new information or an update that involved the case. Cheif Elliot did tell me on the phone that there has been 'lots of effort made to find Daryl' in terms of both the department's time and the time of volunteers and community members.

Chief Elliot stated that several tips or possible sightings had come into the Northfield Police Department since Daryl's disappearance, some of the possible sightings were here in Minnesota, others were made in other parts of the Midwest.

With the snow now melted away, and vegetation in fields and along the riverbanks at its lowest someone might find or stumble across something. An online social media page devoted to the search for Daryl has sprung to life with the warmer weather with people posting about their memories of Daryl, the areas to check, and other thoughts surrounding his disappearance.

If you are out in the area fields, which there were plenty of people walking the fields this fall looking for Daryl and/or out hunting, and you run into or find something that seems out of place, or perhaps belonged to Daryl, you are asked to call the Northfield Police Department at 507-645-4477.

Until the day that Daryl is found, it seems that members of the Northfield community will continue to seek answers to that big question...where is Daryl 'Dice' Budenski?

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