I can't believe I am already asking this question. I still can't believe it is almost September already! Wow, time really does fly!

With September so close, that means it is time for High School Volleyball and Football, kids going back to school and the leaves changing colors. We are luck y in Southeast Minnesota because we have beautiful scenery and it only gets better when fall comes around.

According to Only In Your State, the prime time to view Fall Foliage is Sept. 24! Seems pretty odd that they can knockdown the exact day that the entire state will be full of beauty, but they have come to the conclusion that Sept. 24 will be the prime day to see the most beautiful scenery of leaves changing colors in Southeast Minnesota.

At this day, we will only be 'Near Peak' while much of northern Minnesota will be in the peak, pretty awesome stuff.

I love watching the leave change colors, but it always seems to happen very, very fast! Hopefully this year, we get a couple of extra days of viewing before that ugly snow comes back to town.

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