If you were up early this morning, what a big difference that the last 24 hours have made. Thursday morning we woke up to temps in the mid-60s, this morning we were greeted by temps in the mid to upper-40s. So when, on average, does Minnesota see the first freeze of the year? According to the data, we won't have to wait too much longer. On average the majority of Minnesota sees the first freeze between Sept 21-30, with the SE corner of our state a few days later averaging between Oct 1-10.



Earlier this week the National Weather Service shared this picture showing the average time frame that Minnesotans see the first freeze for the upcoming winter. As you see the map shows a majority of the state in light blue indicating the first freeze falling between Sept 21-30. Portions of Northern Minnesota see an earlier average first freeze, between Sept 11-20, and SE Minnesota falls a week later than other parts of the state, seeing their first freeze between Oct 1-10.

When was the earliest freeze of the year for Minnesota, it's depressing to know that it happened in early August for part of the state in the 30 years that spanned 1980-2010.

The earliest freeze in our portion of Minnesota over the last 30 years fell between Sept 11-20.


I don't think we will be setting any records over the next few days for the first freeze, but it also doesn't seem like it will be too far off.

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