Not too long ago we thought we were never going to get out of the blustery cold of winter, but here we are almost ready to turn our clocks forward.

Farmers Almanac says Daylight Saving Time always happens on the second Sunday in March.  This year that means Sunday, March 14. They say we should do it at 2 am, but most people do it the night before, in order to wake up with the correct time for church or other Sunday gatherings.

Just remember, Fall back, Spring forward. So, we are going to lose an hour in the Spring, as we do every year. The Reason, according to Farmer's Almanac, to move the hands of the clock twice a year is to take advantage of the Sunlight. If the Sun stayed up, the longer we could get more done or have more recreation time. It also was an idea that we would save energy, but if you ask me, we use it when we are up early and late in the winter.

Farmer's Almanac says states can choose whether or not to observe DST. Arizona, Hawaii, plus a few other U.S. territories, are the only places in the U.S. that do not observe DST.

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Time says the reason we start Daylight Saving Time at 2 a.m., rather than midnight, is all thanks to the railroads:  Most people think it's because of the farmers. It's really because of Amtrak. When they were just starting to use Daylight Saving Time in 1918 there were no trains that left New York City at 2 am on a Sunday. So, in order to not interrupt train service, the 2 am time was adopted.

Make sure you set your clocks ahead on March 13th, at 2 am.

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