Or any Winter, for that matter.  Hopefully, it never happens to you. Out on the road on a cold Winter day or night and you get stuck, run out of gas or your car just quits. Most times someone will be around to help you out.

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But that isn't a for sure scenario. You could be stuck out in the middle of nowhere and no one around to help. That's when the elements this time of year can be so dangerous. Here are some things everyone should have in their car in case you are stranded with no immediate help in sight.

  • Your cell phone.  Try and keep your phone charged as much as possible. A simple phone call could save you a lot of trouble. Keep your location activated on your phone so someone can find you is you are missing. Also, if you phone battery is dying, change your voicemail greeting to your location.  That way if someone is trying to reach you, they will know where you are.
  • Always try and keep at least a half tank of gas in your car at all times. You'll want to heat your car when stuck. Be sure to crack a window open to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • A candle and lighter.  One candle can keep your car fairly warm in case of emergency and you are low or out of gas. Once again, open a window a bit to let in fresh air.
  • A blanket. Keep a blanket in the trunk to wrap your self in until help arrives.
  • Hand & foot warmers.  You can get these inexpensive things at stores like Scheel's, Fleet Farm, Runnings, etc.
  • Food & Water.  You may be stuck for awhile so keeping some non perishable food and tin cup to melt snow in for water.

Also, make sure your car is in good running condition before winter sets in. Make it a habit to get your vehicle checked out every Fall.

I also put together "survival bags" for my daughters to carry in their cars, just in case. Gives me a little peace of mind.

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