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He's from right here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, but there's ONE thing this famous TV star doesn't miss about his home state.

You may not know Peter Krause's name, but if you watch the show '9-1-1' on Fox, you know him as Bobby Nash, captain of the Los Angeles Fire Department's Station 118. He's also played dad Adam Braverman on 'Parenthood' on NBC, and has also had starring roles in shows like 'Sports Night' on ABC or in HBO's 'Six Feet Under.'

He's a native Minnesotan, who grew up in Roseville (in the Twin Cities north metro, about an hour and twenty minutes north of Rochester) and, according to an interview with Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine, even worked at the Minnesota State Fair when he was in high school (he worked at a fish-and-chips stand and helped his dad, who worked for the Minnesota Department of Transportation, hand out maps.)

Even though he moved away from the North Star State back in 1987 (after he graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter) and these days lives out in Los Angeles, he said still considers himself a Minnesotan-- he even still roots for our home state teams like the Twins and Vikings.

But there IS one thing about his native state that he DOESN'T miss at all:


He told MSP Magazine it's the one thing he and his family noticed when he first moved to California:

My family has a really deep appreciation for being able to go outside at night in California because there are so few mosquitoes. Because when you grow up in Minnesota, you understand that when the sun goes down, you can’t stay outside without first dousing yourself in poison.

Of course, Peter isn't the only Minnesotan who's famous in the entertainment industry. Keep scrolling to see other famous folks who got their start right here in the Bold North as well.

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