This story is incredible on so many levels. Not only do you have a Twin Cities man driving to Duluth on a cold March day to go surfing on Lake Superior, but you also have a double rescue involving people he's never met.

The Duluth Police Department shared the entire story on their Facebook page:

Not all heroes wear capes.
Darby left the Twin Cities at 4:30 this morning to go surfing in Lake Superior. He surfed all over Duluth today and was ending his surf session at Park Point. He was in the process of deciding whether to catch one last wave when a woman approached him in the shipping canal and asked for help. Her dog had come off of its collar and had jumped into Lake Superior. A friend who is with her then jumped in to the water to save the dog. Both were in distress and needed help getting back out of the water. Darby ran over 50 feet to locate the dog and person and without question jumped in the water to save them.
Darby had gotten the dog and the person out of the water when members of the DPD and DFD arrived on scene. Other than being cold and shaken up both were fine and sustained no injuries.
Lieutenant Roeser decided to nominate Darby for the Duluth Citizen Partnership Award. This award is given out in rare occasions. We would make the argument that Darby is a rare individual.
Darby, you are an incredible person. Thank you for being you and for saving two lives today.

I think a Duluth Citizen Partnership Award is without question in order as we've all heard similar stories as this that end in tragedy when nobody is around, or has the proper equipment to help. Yet, there's Darby with a protective wetsuit, a surfboard and a fearless heart of gold. Well done!

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Our media partners at WDIO-TV produced a story on this event, which featured comments from Darby:

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