You've probably heard the old standard phrase "Money can't buy happiness" for much of your life. I know I sure did. But before you mutter under your breath "I'm willing to give it a try" one more time, science is coming to your rescue with a study proving that on one level, money CAN buy happiness. The study shows that paying someone to do the mundane daily tasks that drive you crazy, DOES in fact give you a dose of happiness! Cooking, errands, cleaning getting you down? Pay someone else to do them and you just might improve the happiness level in your day.

Because I'm a mom and there is a very slight chance that my kids will read this, it must be said that basing your life decisions on the amount of money you acquire is NOT a good idea. However, paying someone to tell me what to fix for supper every day will increase the happiness at our house and on this point, I'll defer to the other old standard, which is more important than the first: If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

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