This is a view I will likely not see anytime soon. Sitting in the combine cab harvesting beans. Looking at the long range forecast it is pretty dreary all the way through next Tuesday. A few farmers have had some beans that they could harvest, others have been combining corn that was blown down in the storm and tornadoes. However, with the light rain showers maybe you get just part of a day now and then to combine corn.

All we can do is make sure everything is ready to go when the weather finally cooperates. This just goes with the occupation of being a farmer, many times the weather does not cooperate! It was a few years ago it was early October, the beans were mature and ready to be harvested. The entire month of October was cloudy, dreary with light rain almost every day. No fieldwork was done the entire month!

Needless to say we were all very worried about getting the crop harvested and tillage done that fall. When the calendar flipped to November the weather changed. We experienced warm dry sunshine the entire month of November. Farmers got all the harvesting and tillage done. So, I guess we will keep the faith that Mother Nature will eventually cooperate!

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