In a recently posted video to Youtube, Youtuber Yodeling Loon deep-dived on the Faribo Town Square Mall, formerly known as the Faribo Plaza. The video is a pretty cool look into the mall and its history.

A property listing online from states that the mall, was a big attraction for those driving from the Twin Cities to Iowa as it was the first indoor shopping center built in Minnesota outside the metro area. However as with all things in life they changed with the addition of I-35, diverting traffic more to the West of town and away from the mall.

"Faribo Town Square is a historic property in Faribault, Minnesota. Lyndale Avenue, which runs through the heart of the city, used to be the main route between Faribault and Minneapolis. However after the construction of I-35 in 1975, the route bypassed the town and the former shopping mall was converted into an office complex."

Businesses like Red Owl, Ben Franklin, and Tempo used to call this mall home. Faribo Town Square Mall is now what we would consider an office park.

What memories do you have of the Faribo Plaza/Town Square Mall? It seems that up until the interstate coming along in the 70s that it was a bustling place to be in Faribault.

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Minnesota is no stranger to indoor shopping malls as the first-ever was "when the Southdale Center opened in '56, it was the first "fully enclosed, climate-controlled" mall in the US" according to business insider. 

Here are some retail stores that no longer exist, how many of these were in the Faribo Plaza?

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