This is just crazy. SLOW DOWN!

We had some nasty weather pass through the mid-west on Monday, and the brunt of it went through north central Iowa, near Ames. Because of this the roads got slick and dangerous, and the Iowa Department of Transportation released the video that shows dozens of vehicles, including semi-trucks, sliding into a giant pileup and some skidding off the road entirely.

The first accident begins around the :35 mark when a semi-truck begins to decelerate and a car is seen rapidly approaching it's trailer... why anyone is still going 60-70+ mph in these type of conditions is mind blowing, but that's what happens every winter, and now a woman has lost her life because of it.

You can see what all happens next in this raw footage video below:

According to the Des Moines Register, the crash involved 50 to 70 cars, buses and semi-trucks that killed one person and injured at least five others. In the Des Moines metro alone, 246 accidents were reported over the course of 36 hours.

Kudos to the trucker at 3:29 who probably saved several lives by not plowing through the crowd of cars and turning into the ditch instead.

This is just another reminder to please slow down and be cognizant of the conditions around you during winter driving.


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