He took it.

Watch as a farmer in Ukraine hauls off a Russian tank/armored vehicle during the conflict there.

A video surfaced over the weekend that shows a tank or an armored vehicle being pulled away by someone on a tractor and now many are saying it was a farmer simply doing his part during the conflict.

Russia has invaded Ukraine and many of the civilians in the country of Ukraine are standing up to Russian soldiers as they attempt to take over the country.

We have seen civilians stand in front of tanks and even go head-to-head with soldiers in the streets, but this may be the first video of a tank being stolen.

In the video below, you can see the Russians giving chase on foot, but they reportedly did not catch up to the tractor.

Many around the world have rallied behind the Ukrainians, but they say that is not enough, they need more equipment to battle the Russians.

NATO countries continue to supply Ukraine with necessities, but recent reports show Russian troops closing in closer to some of the major cities in Ukraine.

Here's the video of the farmer driving off with the tank, during the war.


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