The graphics were futuristic at the time, but a lot has changed with video production in the last 25 years since this was filmed. YouTube user Brian Klier uploaded the video, which after watching it seemed to be used as an educational tool and also a way for prospective students to learn more about the Industrial Technology classes that were being offered at Faribault's High School.

The beginning of the video talks about the classes that are available to different level students between Junior High and Senior HIgh. The video then rolls some Chuck Berry guitar over the woods technology footage.

Mullets, plaid, windbreakers, were all observed. Back in 1996, America was about to ring in the Summer Games in Atlanta. Times were simpler, and music was music.

Did you catch how proud the Industrial Technology A, B, C teacher was of his BRAND NEW TIG welder!

The video then rolled into automotive and small engines classes that were available.

Tracy Roth and Tom Brandon talked about what they have done in the Auto Tech classes, and what to look for in cars.

Ben Redman shows off a 'crusty' engine. Mike Hable and I can't make out the gals name who talked next are also in the video.

Does anyone recognize these fine folks from the video? Tag them in the post, they might not know that this video they helped shoot is still around.

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